Book by Jim Eiler
Lyrics by Jim Eiler
Music by Jim Eiler and Jeanne Bargy
Based on a story from The Arabian Nights

Aladdin (Prince Street Players' Version) | Book Musical, Rated G

  • About the Show

    Prince Street Players, Ltd. Set in ancient China, this delightful ALADDIN uses artful Chinese theater techniques to put a new spin on a classic tale.


    Aladdin's quest to capture the heart of the beautiful princess Mei-Ling takes him on a magical journey from rags to riches and features a stage manager and his assistants who change scenery and speak to the actors, multiple options for casting, and not one, but two fantastical genies! In keeping with traditional Chinese staging, a minimal set allows the imagination to take flight. Catchy tunes, Eastern-inspired melodies and energetic choral numbers populate this musical with just the right combination of momentum and mystery, insuring a magical night of storytelling for all.

    Casting Information

    Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Star Vehicle – Male 1ST ASSISTANT Female, Singer/dancer. A non-speaking role. She plays a street urchin, Attendant to the Princess, a Cave and Cloud person and a Court Lady. She also moves ladder, screens, props, and dragon.

    2ND ASSISTANT Male, singer/dancer. A non-speaking role. He plays a street urchin, Guard to Emperor, a Cave and Cloud person, and Court Gentleman. He also moves ladder, screen props, and dragon.

    Baritone or Tenor
    ALADDIN A youthful and carefree street urchin. He becomes more serious after meeting the Princess and falling in love, and later becomes the richest man in China. Male, 15-25 yrs old Range: D3 - F4

    CHINESE STAGE MANAGER Male, character actor, As well as narrator, plays Aladdin's father, a neighbor, Prime Minister, and an executioner. (Using various hats and props). He also moves set pieces and props with his two Assistants.

    Baritone or Tenor

    CHORUS A chorus of singer/dancers can be added to the production and used as additional street urchins, cave and cloud people, and court members. This would free the actors playing the Emperor and Magician from doubling as caves and clouds.

    EMPEROR OF CHINA Male, character actor. As the Emperor, he is played as selfish and vain, using highly stylized oriental moves and poses. He also doubles as one of the cave and cloud persons by over-dressing robes and masks.

    FATIMA, THE DANCING DOLL Female, Near Eastern dancing and moves. Some singing in group numbers. She is to be played as a mechanical doll, brought to lifwe by a tap on her shoulder. Once in movement, she is freed from the mechanical style. GENIE OF THE LAMP Male, character comedian lead. If possible, the actor should be 6 foot or over. He is an Arabian genie and must be played with great zest and fun, and be able to relate well with the audience. His moves and dances should be of a Near Eastern style. He also plays his twin brother, Genie of the Ring, later in Act Two.

    Tenor or Lyric Baritone
    MAGICIAN Male, character actor. Must move well and have mime ability. He is the villian; an Arabic magician and whirling dervish. He assumes a friendly character to Aladdin and his mother, then later becomes a formidable enemy. He also doubles as one of the cloud persons by over-dressing a robe and mask.

    MRS. SO-AND-SO Female, character actress. She is a poor widow; stern with Aladdin in the beginning, then becomes more comedic as a rich lady.

    Mezzo Soprano
    PRINCESS MEI LING MEI, pronunced as MAY. Female, Ingenue lead. Daughter of the Emperor of China. She is delicate and demure, and moves with oriental style and poise. Within this style she must be played with warmth and honesty. Lyric Soprano

    Performance Group

    High School, University, College, Amateur, Professional

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