Words and music by Richard Stilgoe

Brilliant the Dinosaur | Book Musical

  • About the Show

    In the near future the Banks family are living in a town on the South Coast of England. When a storm opens a cave in the cliff, it reveals the town’s oldest inhabitant - a female diplodocus. The Banks children discover her and help her hide, but concealing thirty metres of reptile is not an easy job, and eventually the diplodocus and the grown-ups meet face to face. With a tuneful score, this funny, moving work provides many opportunities for a large cast and inventive staging.


    After a particularly bad storm, a cave opens up in a cliff revealing a live female diplodocus dinosaur. The local children discover her and do their best to help her hide. Eventually, the adults find out about the dinosaur and the result is not good.

    Casting Information

    Production Material

    FLUTE : RECORDER : OBOE db. COR ANGLAIS : GUITAR : 2 KEYBOARDS : 3 PERCUSSION : VIOLIN : CELLO : BASS : THUNDERSHEETS [Alternative instrumentation:- any 2 high melody instruments (i.e. flute, recorder, oboe, violin), 2 keyboards, percussion]

Partners & Associates

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