Cast size: Medium, 19
Book and Lyrics by PATRICK COOK Music by FREDERICK FREYER Based on the novel by RUDYARD KIPLING and the screenplay by JOHN LEE MAHIN, MARC CONNELLY and DALE VAN EVERY

Frederick Freyer | concert style | medium 19

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    (2 acts)

    Harvey Cheyne, a spoiled 12-year-old boy who falls off his father's ocean liner in the North Atlantic in 1928. Rescued by Manuel, a Portuguese fisherman, Harvey is brought aboard a New England fishing schooner and put to work. Thrust into a pre-modern world of ropes, sails and fishing lines, Harvey rebels, and he is soon branded a "Jonah" and blamed for the ship's bad luck. But with Manuel's help and friendship, Harvey leaves his boyhood behind, wins over the crew, and learns the value of hard work, spirit and song. The musical is based on the Rudyard Kipling novel and the classic Academy Award-winning film.

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    Musical Numbers

    Out On The Sea
    Little Fish
    I'm Harvey Ellesworth Cheyne
    Ten Seconds/Not So Bad
    Heed The Signs/Once There Was A Day
    I Make Up This Song
    A Hundred Years Ago
    That's Where I'm Bound
    You Never Saw
    Song Of The Sea
    Grand Banks Sequence
    Regular Fellas
    I'm Home
    I Make Up This Song (reprise)
    Song Of The Sea (reprise)

    Casting Information

    MANUEL (tenor/baritone): a Portuguese fisherman
    HARVEY CHEYNE (boy alto): a 12-year-old boy
    CAPTAIN TROOP (baritone): captain of the "We're Here".
    DAN (1st tenor): the captain's son, 16 years old.
    DOC (bass): cook on the "We're Here".
    MR. CHEYNE (non-singing): wealthy industrialist, Harvey's father.
    ELIOT (non-singing): Mr. Cheyne's secretary SHIP'S ATTENDANT (non-singing)
    LONG JACK: (baritone/bass) morose, religious, menacing.
    EVANS: (second tenor) unassuming, insecure
    HEMANS: (second tenor) dark, sensitive.
    STEPHENS: (bass) intelligent, assertive.
    SIMON: (baritone) jocular, the "class clown".
    TOM PLATT: (first tenor) educated, rational.
    OLLIE (bass): elderly, wise.
    PETERS (second tenor): shifty, ill-mannered.
    HARRIS (first tenor): portly, dour.
    MURPHY (baritone): short-tempered, brutish.
    WALTERS (bass): burly, loyal

    N.B.:The ages of the crew may range from 20's to 60's. Ollie is the oldest member of the crew. MR. CHEYNE, ELIOT, and SHIP'S ATTENDANT double as crew members.

    Rehearsal Set

    Director's Script
    Cast Scripts
    Vocal Books
    Piano-Vocal Score


    (12 musicians)
    Conductor/Keyboard 1 (Piano)
    Keyboard 2 (Synthesizer, Accordion)
    Reed 1 (Clarinet, Flute)
    Reed 2 (Oboe, English Horn)
    Reed 3 (Bassoon)
    French Horn


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