Book, Lyrics, and Music by Bill Solly

The Cat in the Castle | Full Length Musical

  • About the Show

    This is the children's musical which ran in New York for more than three years!

    "One of the longest running shows in town, and justifiably so. The tale has two cats, Hugo and Mimi, invading a castle where a wicked Queen Gloria keeps a pterodactyl on guard against the creatures, because she's allergic to them. The plot allows for mischief making, tugs-of-war for the allegiance of the children in the audience, and some sweet doses of sentiment. The choicest ingredient of the play -- though the entire cast of six is delightful -- is the winsome Pterodactyl, whose name is Ptommy and who, at a particularly trying moment, must ask another character to p-teach me to un-p-tie the p-tails of p-two cats." - New York Times

    "What give the show a special charm are Bill Solly's frolicking music and witty lyrics." - Los Angeles Times

    "The choice musical for family audience production. Guaranteed to delight just about everyone. We usually have to be dragged to a children's play, but love, love, loved this one. So will you." - Backstage


    Casting Information

    3m, 2f, 1boy(s) or girl(s)

    Ham Hamwich
    Queen Gloria XIV
    Ptommy (a pterodactyl)
    (Note: PEASANT and GUARD are played by the same character.)

    Production Material

    Piano Only

    Piano/Conductor Score

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