Music by David Shire
Lyrics by Richard Maltby, Jr.

Closer than Ever | Revue | Rated G

  • About the Show

    In this brilliant companion to their hit revueSTARTING HERE, STARTING NOW, Richard Maltby, Jr. and David Shire follow up their earlier "songs of innocence" with twenty-four funny, wise and witty "songs of experience."

    As with their earlier revue, each song in CLOSER THAN EVER is a story: an intimate, insightful tale about love, security, happiness-and holding onto them in a world that pulls you in a hundred directions at once. Maltby and Shire bring their celebrated craft and contemporary sensibility to songs about aging, mid-life crisis, second marriages, and role reversals with parents, as well as wicked satirical jabs at Muzak, working couples and unrequited love. Included are several songs that were cut from the acclaimed BABY.


    The lights come up on four people standing in front of "Doors." They are modern, timeless, urban, hip, sophisticated, lost, and awestruck by the overwhelming choices before them. The closed doors of unrequited love show us one man who bemoans unreturned affections. The lady in question pines after another man, who, it seems, yearns for the first man ("She Loves Me Not"). A man tells a woman she’s a goddess then proceeds to break up with her and, not surprisingly, the woman responds tersely ("You Want To Be My Friend?"). An obsession with a woman drives a man to do crazy things. He resolves to stop, but then misses his obsessive behavior when he does stop ("What Am I Doin'"?). After one too many bad relationships, a female zoologist resolves to be more like female animals that need the male species to reproduce and nothing more ("The Bear, The Tiger, The Hamster and The Mole").

    The doors of blossoming love open and feelings are new, fresh and alive ("Like A Baby"). A seemingly quiet, shy, unnoticed woman has a sexy secret to tell…but she’s not saying a thing ("Miss Byrd").

    Doors of a simpler time, long passed through, remind us that progress doesn’t always make us happy ("The Sound of Muzak"). The longings for lives he could have led makes a man realize that even if those longings are a given, he has happily made his choice ("One Of The Good Guys"). An obsession with staying young makes physical exercise a seeming necessity and even though painful, the end result will be worth it ("There’s Nothing Like It"). In a bittersweet recounting, a woman surrenders to the life she’s lived, without complaining ("Life Story").

    Doors opening and closing, good and bad choices, happy and sad times—the ups and downs of life and love make us ever-hopeful for something better ("Next Time"). We continue opening and closing doors on the positive and the negative, but in the long run, wouldn’t change a thing ("I Wouldn’t Go Back").

    As we begin Act II, doors continue opening and closing as three college friends grow up and grow apart, but work to remain connected ("Three Friends"). A career-obsessed couple has trouble compromising their work for the sake of their baby ("Fandango"). Another couple comes apart because the man is not "There" for his wife until it’s too late. A woman in a mid-life dilemma is troubled by feelings of unrest, yet in the end, takes comfort in her surroundings ("Patterns"). Doors opening on hope show a man and woman each venturing into a second marriage (to each other) with a lovely, philosophical outlook ("Another Wedding Song"). With great pride and joy, a man pays tribute to his father—who taught him the love of music and life in general ("If I Sing") and a woman pays a jazzy, tongue-in-cheek tribute to her bass-playing boyfriend ("Back On Base"). Transitional doors show us that getting older is inevitable. Facing all the changes that happen along the way can be scary and frustrating—yet we move forward ("The March of Time"). The legacy and life cycle between parents and children is sweetly reflected by the men in "Fathers Of Fathers." The heartbreak of love, both lasting and fleeting, is shared by the women in "It’s Never That Easy/I’ve Been Here Before."

    Finally, some doors that have been locked open up and shed light on the trials, hopes, joys and pains that other doors have exposed. Whether opened or closed, these doors "can only make us stronger than ever, clearer than ever…’Closer Than Ever.’”

    Casting Information

    MAN 1
    Youthful and handsome. Laments of a lover who doesn’t love him back, the struggle of getting fit and healthy, the commitment of marriage, living life without a love, the importance of friendship, second chances, and growing up.
    Male, 30-40 yrs old
    Range: F3 - B5

    MAN 2 A man approaching middle age and leaving youth behind. Reflects on the dynamic of friends and lovers, the struggle of getting through the day-to-day life of being a family man, becoming fit and healthy, moving forward and not looking back, balancing career and family, and what it means to be a father.
    Male, 40-50 yrs old
    Range: A3 - G5

    MAN 3
    The pianist and occasional contributor. Discusses a couple that are never on the same page and what it means to be a father.
    Male, 35-50 yrs old
    Range: A3 - F5

    WOMAN 1
    Homely and intelligent, with a modern flair. Expresses views on friendships with ex-boyfriends, the duality of public and private selves, remaining friends forever, balancing career and family, the surprises of middle-aged life, and becoming content with isolation.
    Female, 35-45 yrs old
    Range: F3 - A5

    WOMAN 2
    An energetic firecracker, with comedic ability and touching sincerity. She tells of a lover who doesn’t love her back, her belief on life-long relationships, giving love a second chance, the revitalization given to her by a new lover.
    Female, 35-45 yrs old
    Range: F3 - A5

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