Written by Neil Gooding
Additional Material by Stuart Smith
Revised Orchestrations and Arrangements by Brett Foster
Original Musical Adaptation by Scott Copeman
Music and Lyrics by Various

Back to the 80's | Pop / Rock, Revue | Large (over 20)

  • About the Show

    Remember when actors became American Presidents? When Bubble skirts and blue eye shadow were cool? When Atari was cutting edge technology?


    BACK TO THE 80's is a "totally awesome" musical that tells the story of the senior class of William Ocean High School that graduated in the 1980's, as remembered and seen through the eyes of Corey Palmer, who is now 30-something. Throw in a Star Wars dream sequence, high-energy dance routines, the obligatory 80's party scene, copious amounts of blue eye-shadow, twenty cans of hairspray, as well as some of the most popular songs ever written, and the result is a musical that will not only delight and amuse an audience of any age, but will also inspire any young cast.

    Performance Group

    High School, Amateur Societies, Professional

    Casting Information

    ALF BUELLER One of Corey Junior's best friends. A likeable teenager just coming out of childhood and beginning adulthood.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: Bb2 - Bb4

    BILLY ARNOLD A popular, athletic guy who appears tough and is revered yet has little backbone without Michael.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: A3 - A4

    COREY PALMER (Junior) The hero of the musical. He is an ordinary, likeable senior in high school that is dealing with typical issues including his love for Tiffany Houston.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: Bb2 - D5

    COREY PALMER (Senior) The narrator of the show. He is the older version of Corey, now living in the year 2000 and reminiscing about his high school days in the 1980s.
    Male, 25-30 yrs old
    Range: G3 - F4

    CYNDI GIBSON A street-smart, boy-wary member of Tiffany's posse who has a crush on Michael but always settles for other boys.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: A3 - E5

    DEBBIE FOX Laura’s competitive best friend. She lies about her fantasy relationships with celebrities.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: F3 - E5

    EILEEN REAGAN The new arrival, charming and full of life and vitality. She is a dreamer who longs for the day when she has a boyfriend.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: G3 - G5

    FEARGAL McFERRIN The sensitive school nerd. He is supremely intelligent, but his visions of life in the new millenium are always mocked. Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: E3 - B4

    KIM EASTON The twin sister of Mel and friend of Cyndi. Kim is a party-loving cheerleader who does not do well in school.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: A3 - C#5

    KIRK KEATON One of the "nice" boys who is naive and has difficulty with girls.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: Bb2 - F4

    LAURA WILDE Debbie's best friend. She is awkward and has trouble with boys, but is a nice girl.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: F3 - E5

    LIONEL ASTLEY He is a follower and not quite as cool as the other guys in his posse, but is tolerated by the girls.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: Bb2 - G4

    MEL EASTON One of the elite "Cool Girls," she is the twin sister of Kim who loves to rock out as a backup to the group.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: A3 - C5

    MICHAEL FELDMAN The coolest guy in the school who has the attention of all the girls. When the girls are not around, he is a mean manipulative oaf who picks on smaller kids.
    Male, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: D3 - B4

    MR. STEVIE COCKER The Deputy Principal and math teacher at William Ocean High School who has strong feelings for Sheena. Male, 30-45 yrs old Range: D3 - A4 MS. SHEENA BRANNIGAN An outwardly reserved and slightly conservative Senior Students Coordinator who has a wild past.
    Female, 30-45 yrs old
    Range: F3 - E5

    TIFFANY HOUSTON A cute, bubbly teenager from the 80’s, who is innocent, naïve and doe-eyed about boys and love.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old
    Range: F3 - F5

    Production Material

    30 x Libretto/Vocal Books
    2 x Piano-Vocal Scores

    2 x Keyboards
    1 x Alto Saxophone
    1 x Tenor Saxophone
    1 x Trumpet
    1 x Trombone
    1 x Drums
    1 x Electric Guitar
    1 x Electric Bass

    Logo Pack
    Rehearsal Backing Track (Rehearse Score)

Partners & Associates

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