Conceived and Developed by David De Silva 
Music by Steve Margoshes 
Book and Lyrics by Ben H. Winters 

Fame Forever | Book Musical, POP/ROCK| Rated G

  • About the Show

    FAME FOREVER: TALENT SPRINGS ETERNAL is a musical created and developed by David De Silva, creator of the original FAME movie and the stage adaptation. The plot revolves around the original musical’s characters, now adults, whose children attend New York’s famed LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts.


    Carmen, a troubled drug addict who dropped out of school and died of an overdose, comes back as a spirit and gets a chance to see how her life influenced the lives of her classmates as they gather for their 20th high school reunion. Carmen and her spirit guide oversee events at LaGuardia High School, which fuse the antics of the current class with the plans for the reunion of the "class of 84." The current crop of students include Georgia and Vanessa—two aspiring young actresses who vie both for the role of Maria in West Side Story and for the affections of JJ, the dashing young leading man who is playing Tony. Conflict on the alumnae level takes the form of another love triangle, as two dancers, Iris and Chantelle, get all worked up over rising young choreographer Tyrone Jackson.


    FAME FOREVER: TALENT SPRINGS ETERNAL will take audiences on a journey that shows the connectivity, in time, that we have to each other and the world around us by "connecting our past with our future." This multi-generational musical is a great choice for community theaters, with wonderful roles for teens and young adults.



    18-year-old Carmen Diaz has found herself in a classroom bathed in ethereal white light. Confused, she tries to make sense of her surroundings. Michael Peters enters to reveal that Carmen died twenty years ago because of her poor choices as a student at New York City's High School of Performing Arts. He plans to help Carmen understand the cyclical nature of life and death ("Around & Around: Prologue"). They dance as the scene transitions to Greta Bell's office at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts

    It's the first day of school, and Greta's office is buzzing with activity. As English teacher Serena Katz overhears Greta inviting her former classmates to their 20th reunion, she reflects on how fast time has passed ("The 20th Reunion Of The Class Of '84"). Greta asks Serena to get in touch with Nick, who she hasn't heard back from. Since Nick is a huge TV star, his appearance at the reunion would attract good press for the school. Serena reluctantly agrees. 

    Mabel Washington, now a weather reporter, and her old friend Joe Vegas, a successful DJ, tease each other and decide whose turn it is to pick their daughters up from school. Mabel is excited; she's being interviewed to host a new show at her station. Meanwhile, their daughters, Georgia Washington and Vanessa Vegas, gossip during class. As Georgia gushes over another student, J.J. Byrd, Michael and Carmen appear in the room. Carmen realizes they are at her old high school; although she attended before her school merged with the High School of Music and Art, moving to another building and becoming LaGuardia. Carmen tries to talk to Serena when she enters, but Michael explains that nobody can see or hear them. They are only there so Michael can be reborn and so Carmen can watch Serena and her co-teacher, Ramon Garcia, audition the girls for West Side Story ("Everybody Wants To Be Maria"). Carmen guesses that Vanessa will be cast as Maria and become famous. Instead, Michael tells her that he graduated from this high school in 1966 and is called back there in death. He thinks this is where he'll be reborn.

    At Tyrone Jackson's dance studio, his dancers practice his newest work. Mabel watches for a few moments. Chantelle, Tyrone's younger girlfriend, stops dancing and demands to know who Mabel is. The dancers break as Mabel updates Tyrone on her interview. Later, Georgia and Vanessa talk to Joe about their auditions. Mabel scolds Joe for getting Vanessa's hopes up; Georgia could get the part of Maria instead of Vanessa. They argue over whose daughter is more talented ("It's In Her DNA"). Greta and Tyrone then meet in Greta's office. Greta asks Tyrone to dance with his high school girlfriend, Iris, at the reunion. Greta hopes that Iris will donate some of her husband's money to the school if she has a good time. Tyrone is skeptical, but Greta calls Iris and the two of them ask her ("It Would Mean A Lot To Me"). Iris eventually consents.

    Carmen and Michael appear in Schlomo Metzenbaum's studio as he works on a piece for the reunion. Carmen reminisces. Michael tells her that Schlomo will die from a heart condition that he inherited from his father, and elaborates on the idea of rebirth and how Carmen will get another chance. Serena and Ramon discuss who should be cast as Maria; Serena wants Vanessa to play the iconic role, but Ramon's pick is Georgia. Serena tells Ramon to follow his gut but warns him that he will have to answer to Papa Vegas when he finds out his daughter was not cast. Ramon reveals his casting decisions: Georgia is Maria and Vanessa is Anybodys. Georgia is elated but Vanessa has a hard time hiding her disappointment. She and J.J. flirt, however, and eventually hook up.

    Meanwhile, Georgia and her mother celebrate Georgia being cast as Maria and Mabel getting the new show. They are unable to hide their worried anxiety, though ("On The Other Hand"). Tyrone and Iris practice their dance for the reunion. Chantelle is not happy about this, so she insults Iris.

    The next morning, the class rehearses West Side Story. Carmen and Michael observe. Vanessa admits to kissing J.J., causing Georgia to run off as she cries. During the dress rehearsal for West Side Story, Michael remarks that he'll direct that show one day. Carmen reflects on her poor choices and how she threw her life away. Schlomo and Greta enter; Greta persuades him to stay and watch the rehearsal. While Georgia and J.J. play the balcony scene, Vanessa barges in to fight with Georgia over J.J. Ramon orders them to stop ruining the production but Schlomo corrects him: West Side Story isn't ruined but, rather, deepened. He realizes that it has been so long since he felt as passionate as Georgia and Vanessa that he's forgotten the real meaning of art. He decides to write a gospel song for the students to perform at graduation. A few days later, Schlomo tells Greta he wants to establish a Carmen Diaz Memorial Scholarship for a graduating senior who embodies the talent, ambition, and spirit of Carmen. Schlomo then enters Ramon's rehearsal as an observer. While the students are getting ready to sing, Vanessa tells Georgia she thinks she's pregnant. Ramon teaches the students the gospel song Schlomo wrote for their graduation ("The Miracle Is Me"). Michael tells Carmen that life is calling him back, but he'll see her again. As the song ends, Vanessa faints and falls to the ground. 


    The 20th reunion has begun ("The 20th Reunion Of The Class Of '84"). A student reporter interviews Schlomo about the scholarship and elsewhere, Vanessa tells J.J. she's pregnant. Carmen realizes that the baby is a reincarnation of Michael. Vanessa wants J.J. to help her, but J.J. refuses. Vanessa is left feeling uncertain ("Just When You Think"). Georgia joins Vanessa in lamenting about her unstable circumstances. Then, Mabel Washington comes into the school with a camera crew to film the evening's festivities for a segment on her show. Serena and Ramon ask Schlomo who's getting the scholarship, but he hasn't made up his mind yet. Serena thinks it should go to Vanessa and Ramon is pushing for Georgia. Tyrone and Iris get ready for their dance; Tyrone admits that she was invited to dance in hopes she would donate her husband's money, but Iris already knew -- she reveals she is getting a divorce. Tyrone, Iris, and Chantelle perform for the alumni and guests ("Takes Three To Tango"). Vanessa tries to get Serena to tell her father she's pregnant. Schlomo, meanwhile, still doesn't know who to give the scholarship to, so Greta tells him to flip a coin. Vanessa wins the coin flip. She turns it down, however, because she's pregnant, which she announces to everyone. Schlomo comforts her and insists she can have a kid while going to school, but Vanessa feels the need to choose between school and a child. She gives the scholarship to Georgia, and Joe is furious; he storms out. Serena follows him, saying that Vanessa can still be special ("Love Is Rare"). Once Joe calms down, he kisses her.

    Time speeds ahead, as indicated by a ballet sequence ("Raindrops And Tears"). Alumni and friends arrive at Schlomo Metzenbaum's funeral. Mabel stands center stage after the ballet ("The Miracle Is Me [Reprise]"). Schlomo, dressed in white, appears with Carmen, who explains what happened. They dance as Carmen tells him what Michael told her about rebirth ("Around & Around Reprise"). It is now spring ("Hey! Spring Is Springin'"). Ten years further into the future, and we are introduced to another reunion ("The 10th/30th Reunion Of The Class Of '04/'84"). Alumni, including Georgia Washington, show off their talents ("Habanera"). Georgia and Vanessa reunite -- Georgia now a lead soprano, with Ramon as her manager. 

    Later, J.J. tells Vanessa to see him play Tony in West Side Story. When their son, Sonny, announces that he's going to direct that show one day, Carmen realizes that she'll be Maria in that production. Ramon then tells Georgia he's in love with her -- she's in love with him, too. Tyrone and Chantelle show up. Tyrone encourages Vanessa to audition for a spot as a dancer on their next tour. Vanessa is not sure, but Sonny insists she will. Finally, Carmen tells Schlomo that life is calling her back ("I've Got Another Song To Sing"). Georgia and Ramon embrace as Carmen disappears. The curtain falls on the students, both young and old, who unite to reflect on life and death ("Around And Around Finale").

    Casting Information

    Dance requirement:

    Heavy (Extensive Dance Sections/Solos)

    Casting notes:

    Character Breakdown


    Venessa and JJ's child who aspires to be a director. Friendly, energetic, positive, and cheerful.
    Female, 13-16 yrs old 
    Speaking Role 


    A deceased former student at LaGuardia high who must come to terms with her poor choices from her past.
    Female, 18-21 yrs old 
    Range: A3 - D5 


    Tyrone's catty and sassy girlfriend. A dancer. 
    Female, 25-35 yrs old 
    Speaking Role 




    A shy and nervous high school thespian and good friend of Vanessa's.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old 
    Range: Bb3 - F#5 


    A middle-aged former dancer and Tyrone's high school girlfriend. Tender, attractive, loveable, and friendly.
    Female, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: C4 - D5 

    J.J. BYRD

    The leading-man type admired by all of the school girls. Scruffy, slouchy, and sexy.
    Male, 15-20 yrs old 
    Speaking Role 


    A light-hearted, fun-loving local DJ who once was the class clown at LaGuardia High School.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: E3 - F4 


    An aspiring news anchor, who wishes to help boost the careers of her friends.
    Female, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: C4 - D5 


    The spiritual guide to Camren; he is a 1966 alumni and accomplished dancer/choreographer who died and will soon be reborn.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: C3 - F4 


    The music teacher at LaGuardia High, who is formal yet fun and often not respected by his students.
    Male, 25-30 yrs old 
    Range: A2 - B3 


    A warm, efficient, but no-nonsense woman who works at the LaGuardia High School and organizes the reunion.
    Female, 50-60 yrs old 
    Range: B3 - E5 


    Bookish English teacher and 1984 alumni of LaGuardia High School.
    Female, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: G3 - E5 


    Gorgeous and famous TV star who is down-to-earth and very loveable.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: Bb2 - E4 


    A composer and musician with very few friends. Obsessed with his work.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: C3 - G4 


    Owner and leader of a dance company, and a choreographer fighting to gain fame.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old 
    Range: C3 - F#4 


    Georgia's brash and outgoing best friend who is a high school thespian.
    Female, 15-18 yrs old 
    Range: G3 - F#5 

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