Cast size: Small, 4 plus
Music by MIKE REID Lyrics by SARAH SCHLESINGER Book by SARAH SCHELESINGER, MIKE REID, and JONATHAN BERNSTEIN IN THIS HOUSE was developed by the Melting Pot Theatre Company in New York City; Larry Hirschhorn, Founding Artistic Director; Sean Patrick Flahaven, Managing Director

Mike Reid | dramatic MUSICAL | small 4 plus

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    (90 minutes; 1 act)

    John D'Amato (27) is meeting his wife Annie Friedkin (26) at Dulles International Airport after a long separation on New Years Eve. As they prepare to reunite, they are contemplating major secrets they've been keeping from each other. At the same time Henry and Luisa Arden, a couple who appear to be in their late middle years, are returning to spend New Year's Eve in the now-deserted house they built and lived in for many years. John and Annie run off an icy road into the Arden's brick wall and end up spending the night with the older couple. In the course of the evening, all four share humor and heartbreak as they compare their views of marriage. As the night wears on, unspoken truths are finally aired that have the power to either destroy or be the salvation of their respective relationships. Their chance encounter leaves all of them forever changed.

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    Casting Information

    JOHNNY D'AMATO (late 20's): is Italian-American, handsome, caring, and full of life. He is a policeman in Washington, D.C.

    ANNIE FRIEDKIN-D'AMATO (late 20's): is a triage nurse who specializes in setting up field hospitals in disaster sites, a job which takes her around the world. She is always wound tight and has a quick wit.

    LUISA ARDEN (appears to be in her 60's): is a simple but refined woman who spent her life in rural Virginia.

    HENRY ARDEN (late 60's): Luisa's husband, is robust, dynamic, and full of curiosity about the world. He has a great sense of humor.

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