Book and Lyrics by Gregory Pastoll
Music by Anthea Parnell

Jovano's Question

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    A fast-moving original fairy-tale about three kingdoms ruled by Queens, in an era where very few boy babies were born. This unusual circumstance causes Prince Jovano, the son of the poorest of these queens, to be greatly in demand. This musical was first performed, to high acclaim, at St Cyprian's School in Cape Town. 'Jovano's Question' is suitable for performance by people aged 11 and up, and for viewing by general audiences. The script contains many lovable characters: queens, courtiers, mafiosi, a nutty professor, a fortune-teller, soldiers, a witch and her harpies, and rumpetums, the cutest drummers you have ever seen. There is scope for appeal to everyone's sense of adventure. The ending has a heart-warming twist. The original performers loved doing the show. There are plenty of roles for non-singers as well as singers. The original, very catchy music is suitable for young singers.


    Prince Jovano, the son of poor Queen Notanuf, is kidnapped and held prisioner in the tower of the powerful Queen Absoluta. he is set the challenge of coming up with the 'mostimportant question in the world'.
    If he gets it right, he wins his freedom and the kingdom of Izigonia, which Queen Absoluta has won from the gambler Queen Izigo, at cards.
    If he gets it wrong, he will have to marry Absoluta's daughter, the petulant Princess Sulkina.
    Plenty of colourful characters have a stake in the outcome of this challenge. Some want to help him, others to hinder him. The twists and turns of the plot are packed with laughter and suprises.

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