Corinne Farber

THE PURR FACTORY | Mixed | Medium

  • About the Show

    The Purr Factory is an upbeat rock musical aimed at children and pre teens which will appeal to kids of all ages.


    The story begins in The Suzie Swishtail Academy for Kittens where all new kittens go to learn how to become appealing – a very important lesson for all kittens to learn. On graduation, each kitten will receive its purr.

    All the Purrs are created at the Purr Factory which is owned by Vincent B. Mouseander. He is told by his dispatch manager, Tina Troutmaster, that all the purrs have gone missing and it appears that they have been stolen. They are both terribly upset Vincent B. Mouseander decides to send for Norris Norton Nackered, the greatest cat detective in all the world.

    Norris Norton Nackered is very much Sherlock Holmes meets Hercule Poirot. He really does believe that he knows all the answers. His assistant is, horror of horrors, a dog, Humphrey Hound Dog, who is an extremely good natured dog and somewhat sloppy in appearance, unlike his dapper boss. He is the one who normally manages to sniff out the answers although Norris will never admit to that.

    This classic ‘whodunit’ will both entice and excite the audience. The original ‘rock’ inspired soundtrack will keep toes tapping.

    Casting Information

    Basic choreography, good & strong singing voices

    Musical Numbers

    Over 10 songs, mixed genres of music

    Production Material

    30 x Libretti
    1 x Director's Script
    2 x Vocal Scores
    1 x Logo on CD
    1 x Vocal Accompaniment CD (Back track)

Partners & Associates

  • cipc
  • bsa
  • samro