Cast size: Large, 22
Book by Tim Kelly Music and Lyrics by Jack Sharkey

Samuel French | comedy musical | large 22

  • About the Show

    Take three bold, brave Musketeers, toss in a brash pint-sized would-be Musketeer, add a king who's a giant chicken, blend with a thieving, conniving cardinal, and you've got the recipe for a musical melodrama that is goofiness at a gallop. — Daily News. Here is Alexandre Dumas' greatest swashbuckling novel turned inside out and the result is sheer musical hilarity. Darth Canyon, a country lad, dreams of becoming a King's Musketeer. In Paris, he joins up with three of the best: Armistice, Pothole and Applesauce. Because Darth Canyon is very short they decide to be known as The 3 ½ Musketeers. Soon Darth Canyon is smitten with one of the Queen's handmaidens, the lovely Custard (she's sweet and always running). The Musketeers find themselves smack in the middle of a wild plot concocted by the evil Minister of State, Richelieu, and his number one spy, the devastatingly beautiful (and wicked) Countess De Whimper.

    Minimal production requirements, and open stage serves as your basic set. For a fast-moving audience-proof musical spoof, loaded with laughter and melody, send for The 3 ½ Musketeers.

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    Casting information

    The cast comprises of 14 male roles, 8 female roles and a chorus - ideal for a school musical!

    Rehearsal Set

    2 x Piano-Conductor Scores
    10 x Vocal Scores


    No orchestration is available for this show.

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