Book by Arthur Laurents
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Anyone Can Whistle | Book Musical, Rated PG | LARGE

  • About the Show

    A legendary cult show, this wacky, intelligent, highly unconventional musical satire points ahead toStephen Sondheim's groundbreaking work in the 1970's even as it keeps a foot firmly rooted in the musical theatre's "golden age."


    An absurdist fantasy by Arthur Laurents andStephen Sondheim, ANYONE CAN WHISTLE tells the story of a corrupt mayoress who fakes a miracle to revitalize her bankrupt town (through the resulting pilgrim trade) and the ill-fated romance between the rational nurse out to expose the fraud and the easy-going doctor determined to enjoy the chaos it brings. In the end, the show delivers a poignant message about the importance of the individual in a conformist society-but not before aiming its still-relevant barbs at government, religion, science and anything else that stands in its way!

    With its circus-like atmosphere, ANYONE CAN WHISTLE features plenty of memorable, lovably cartoonish roles of all sizes. The dazzling, melodic Broadway-style score overflows with the youthful energy of experimentation, consisting of one showstopper after another, including two extensive ballets which provide opportunities for some inspired choreography.

    Performance Group

    High School, University, Amateur, Professional

    Casting Information

    Mainly Men, Older Role(s), Star Vehicle - Female, Star Vehicle - Male, Strong/Large Chorus

    COOLEY A former Preacher and the town Treasurer who was tossed out to pasture.
    Schub’s right hand man. Scuzzy, slimy.
    Male, 30-40 yrs old
    Range: G3 - G5

    CORA The ri
    ch and greedy Mayor who is hated by her people. Controlling and desperate. Female, 35-45 yrs old
    Range: F3 - G5

    DR. DETMOLD The fussy, gray-haired doctor of The Cookie Jar. A very busy man and a bit of a snob.
    Male, 45-60 yrs old
    Speaking Role

    FAY The pretty, young nurse at The Cookie Jar. She falls in love with Hapgood. Meticulous, practical.
    Female, 25-30 yrs old
    Range: G3 - D5

    HAPGOOD Though he parades around as a doctor, Hapgood is the newest patient at The Cookie Jar. He is wild, whimsical, and charming.
    Male, 35-45 yrs old
    Range: G3 - E5

    MAGRUDER Serves as the Chief of Police and rounds out the trio of Cora’s lackeys. He aims to please and gets excited when he does, but he is mostly a day late and a dollar short.
    Male, 30-40 yrs old
    Range: G3 - F5

    MRS. SCHROEDER Baby Joan’s tough mother.
    Female, 30-40 yrs old
    Range: F3 - E5

    SCHUB The town’s Comptroller and Cora’s right-hand man. He is hotheaded and mean.
    Male, 45-55 yrs old
    Range: A3 - F5

    Production Material

    REED 1
    REED 2

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