In 2017 The Department of Trade and Industry (dti) published the Copyright Amendment Bill No. 13 of 2017.

The Bill was widely criticised for poor drafting and the inclusion of alien concepts such as “user’s rights”. The dti was further criticised for not conducting an economic impact study on the possible outcome of changes to the copyright legislation.

DALRO made various submissions to the dti on the Bill, both as an independent entity and also in partnership with the Publisher’s Association of South Africa (PASA). (These submissions, may be downloaded from the Document Panel to your right).

Following the submissions process the Bill appeared before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee in August of 2017. Subsequent to completing the Public Hearings on the Bill, the instruction from the Portfolio Committee was that a B-Bill should be drafted for consideration following more closely the recommendations of the Copyright Review Commission of 2011.

The B-Bill was published on 20 June 2018 (Bill B13-2017) and a further call for comments was sent out to the public; however, the request for comments from the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee is on 21 specific clauses only. Furthermore, a limited timeframe for comment was given of, approximately two weeks. This has again provoking extensive criticism from the public and calls for an extension on the submission date. This was granted on 4 July and extended from 9 July to 16 July 2018.

Any member of the public may make submissions to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee in writing. All comments should reach the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee by 16 July 2018. Contact and submission details may be found on 19062018_Further comments on the Copyright Amendment Bill, in the Document panel to your right.

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