Blessing Ngobeni | DALRO

We have partnered with The Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize (BNAP) to establish The DALRO Visual Arts Merit Award. This Merit Award is a unique opportunity for young South African artists to accelerate their careers and make their mark in the art world.

DALRO Visual Arts Merit Award is a unique opportunity for emerging artists

The DALRO Visual Arts Merit Award is a comprehensive residency programme that supports and celebrates emerging talent.


The winner of this award will receive:

  • A working studio at Ellis House in Johannesburg for nine months (from 1 June 2024 to 31 March 2025).

  • A stipend for materials and framing.

  • A living allowance.

  • A solo exhibition at the prestigious DALRO Gallery in Johannesburg in March 2025.

  • Access to a rich programme of crit-sessions, workshops, and exhibitions, in collaboration with the Blessing Ngobeni Art Prize Residency.

  • Mentorship from industry experts on various aspects of the art business, such as registration, finance, market, and gallery relations.

This is an exciting opportunity for a young artist to grow as a creator of artist work, create a body of work, and share their vision with the world.


Motions and Motives is a Group Art Exhibition celebrating the collaboration between DALRO and the BNAP Foundation

DALRO, a collective management organisation, and BNAP Foundation, a non-profit organisation supporting emerging artists, have joined forces to create a prestigious collaboration that aims to empower and protect the visual arts community in South Africa.

To mark this occasion, a group exhibition titled Motions and Motives will be held at the DALRO offices in Johannesburg, featuring artworks by established and mid-career visual artists based in South Africa. The exhibition will run from 9 March 2024 to 9 April 2024, with a public walkabout on 16 March 2024.

The Motions and Motives exhibition is a milestone in the collaboration between DALRO and the BNAP Foundation, and a sign of DALRO’s commitment to strengthening its ties with the visual arts community and protecting their works.